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How to Write a Review

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We pride ourselves in looking after you and your family’s health which is why we value your comments and feedback.

Your opinion counts, and by sharing you experience it helps us to grow and helps to educate others about chiropractic. We would be grateful if you would take a few minutes of your time, to complete one (or all of!) the following steps to write a review about our clinic.

– Write a review on gmail
– Rate and review on Facebook
– Write a review on yell.com

Here are a few pointers to help you out with your review:

– What was the initial reason you came in to see us?
– How did our staff make you feel? How is our service?
– How long have you been under care?
– What results have you received?
– Have you noticed any other improvements in your wellbeing? Eg, digestion, energy levels, sleeping, boost in immunity, breathing, less headaches.
– Would you recommend chiropractic to others & why?
– How would you describe your overall experience of chiropractic?

Thank you for your review!

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