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Success Story of the Week! Neck Pain

I started going to Carrick Chiropractic a number of years ago. I first came across them giving free consultations in the Abbey Centre. I’m a software developer and therefore spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer screen. I had started to notice how stiff my neck was and that I had less movement when looking behind me when driving. Also at times my back could get sore in the shoulder area and at the base of my back.

I had previously went to a physiotherapist which helped loosen out the muscles for a while. But I soon found that the issues would return not long after treatment had stopped. I was a bit dubious if chiropractic treatment would work as I’m sure many are.

In the consultation, things they noticed and told me made sense, so I decided to give it a go and thought what have I got to loose?! I’m so glad I did. The movement in my neck increased greatly, my back pain got better and also I noticed that I was getting less headaches. Hadn’t really noticed up until then that I was actually getting quite a lot until they were gone.

I still go to Carrick Chiropractic for an adjustment at least once a month. I do this not because the treatment didn’t work, but because we all get our little bumps now and again. I’m still sitting at a desk all day and no matter how many times you’re told and know how you should sit and how important posture is, you don’t do it all the time. As for the staff, I’ve always found them extremely helpful and informative. You can tell that they are really concerned with you as a person. If you are having issues I’d definitely recommend getting treatment. Also get it sooner rather than later. It really has made such a difference to me.

– L Robinson

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