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Symptom of the Week: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have tingling, numbness or pain in the hand, fingers and wrist?

The Carpal Tunnel is in your wrist. Your carpal (wrist) bones form a tunnel-like structure—the carpal tunnel—through which pass nine tendons and one nerve— the median nerve. CTS occurs when the median nerve is irritated.

If the carpal (wrist) bones are moved out of their normal position they will compress the Carpal Tunnel where the median nerve and artery run through. If this is the case, a chiropractor can adjust the wrist bone back to its normal position and relieve the pressure on the nerve. If the pressure on the nerve is relieved, the symptoms improve, and the patient has a solution to their problem.

It is common for a chiropractor to examine the elbow, shoulder and neck joints as well as the wrist. These joints are all found on the distribution pathway of the median nerve as it exits the spinal cord and makes its way to the hand. Compression of the nerve along this path can also produce symptoms in the wrist and hand.

In many cases the wrist isn’t the cause of the problem but a neck problem is the root of the nerve irritation and requires a chiropractic adjustment. Surgery performed on the wrist will then be pointless and ineffective as the cause isn’t addressed properly.

One research study found that 57% of patients still have recurring numbness, tingling sensations and/or pain within 6-years following the surgery (Source: Nancollas, et al, 1995. J. Hand Surgery).

Surgery should always be a last resort! Try chiropractic first!

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