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Breastmilk – Never Been Recalled!

BREASTMILK……. NEVER BEEN RECALLED! In association with World Breastfeeding Week 01st – 07th August, Chiropractors are promoting breastfeeding as the optimal feeding mode for a child’s first 6 months of life.

Breastfeeding has a positive effect on a baby’s heath that cannot be duplicated by formula milk, which is why both the NHS and World Health Organisation also recommend you exclusively breastfeed, your baby for the first six months.

The benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. In addition to containing all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs in the first six months of life, breast milk is packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. A recent study[1] from Brown University found evidence that breastfeeding is good for babies’ brains and that breastfeeding alone produced better brain development than a combination of breastfeeding and formula.

But, just because breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t mean that it comes naturally. Modern birthing procedures, even those with seemingly minimal intervention, are known to cause trauma and stress to the infant’s spine and nerve function which may influence the ability of the babies to suckle. The significance of birth trauma is often underestimated; and the resulting symptoms are frequently misinterpreted. [2][3]

Breast-feeding has a complex functional mechanism. The entire neuromusculoskeletal system, jaw, neck, cranium, and nervous system, must function properly and work in harmony for optimal breast-feeding. Studies[4][5][6][7] have found that gentle Chiropractic adjustments can improve an infant’s ability to suckle efficiently and breastfeed more easily.

Some mothers find it really difficult to breastfeed for various reasons so it is important that mothers understand that there are ways to improve the breastfeeding experience, and that chiropractors can offer a helping hand with some of these issues alongside other professionals.

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