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Symptom of the Week: Shoulder pain

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex in the body and it’s unique design allows for lots of mobility, but unfortunately this also means less stability and thus it can be prone to injury.

Due to the complexity of the shoulder joint the cause of the pain is usually due to a multitude of reasons, and in fact it does not always stem from the shoulder itself. It is a common area for referred pain (a phenomenon where the pain is perceived in a different location to that of the actual structure that is responsible for it). There are many pain sensitive structures around the joint including muscles, ligaments, bursas, tendons and any one of the four joints which make up the shoulder girdle. It’s function is closely linked to that of the neck and back, as the muscles which function over the shoulder attach to the neck and some extend as far as the low back. Poor biomechanics and dysfunction in these areas can lead to an increased load at the shoulder joint and thus the development of symptoms.

In the same way that the proper alignment of spinal vertebrae is crucial to spinal and nerve system health, the proper alignment of the bones and joints that make up the shoulder is just as important- and this is where chiropractic can make a huge difference.

If you suffer with shoulder pain and would like to find out how a chiropractor can help you then call one of of clinics now!

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