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Success Story of the Week! Family Chiropractor

I came to the chiropractor following the birth of my second daughter. I had had a caesarean-section and following this I developed shoulder, neck and head pain. A few days after my c-section I became very bruised on my tummy and also the lower part of my back, it was very painful. My first daughter Millie could not understand why her mummy could not pick her up and give her a cuddle without being in pain. I could not get on with being a mum. It completely affected the start with my new baby.

I rang the chiropractic clinic and was able to get an appointment available that day. During the consultation I felt at ease because the chiropractor wanted to know not just about the birth which is what I was attending for but also about my lifestyle, and how I sleep etc. I felt they were dealing with me as a whole person.

From the moment after my first adjustment the pain in my shoulder, neck and head went straight away. I was told that the pain may come back because my body had been through so much during my pregnancy and labour and that the spinal imbalance can put pressure on the nervous system. I knew that this made sense and I decided to keep my spine maintained over time.

After a week I realised that this type of care can benefit everyone and I decided to bring my new baby Grace under care. I had had a difficult and painful birth but I knew that with all the trauma Gracie had been through with the twisting and pulling during the c-section that she would need to be checked. Since being born she was finding it very difficult to keep any milk down. She would be demanding milk and vomiting it straight back up again. My carpets took a battering! After being under chiropractic care she began to tolerate the milk and now she is very content to have her bottle.

After seeing Grace have amazing results, I brought my older child Millie under care, she was 2 years old. Millie had bad constipation, was a restless sleeper and was generally fidgety in bed. She has been under care for a year and she no longer fidgets in bed and her constipation is much improved. She has bundles of energy. When we go for our family adjustments she brings along the bear to get adjusted too.

My husband saw the improvement in his 3 girls and he decided to try it as well. He’d been having lower back pain and numbness in his left leg and this has now completely cleared up.

After all the benefits my family have seen I explain to my family and friends how it can help them. I tell them that by relieving pressure from your nervous system chiropractic care allows the messages to get around your body better which means it can affect the whole of your body – not just your back.

– The Black Family

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