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Success Story of the Week! Health and Wellness

At Carrick Chiropractic we are interested in your long-term health and wellness. Often people think ”My back doesn’t hurt so I don’t need chiropractic care.” However, the benefits of chiropractic go far beyond pain relief.

Chiropractic care can help your body function better. Some people choose to see their chiropractor on a regular basis. These are typically people who like to be proactive about their health instead of waiting for a crisis to happen. Proactive wellness can include things like going to the dentist, watching what you eat, regular exercise, and seeing a chiropractor to maintain a healthy spine.

At Carrick Chiropractic we perform an initial consultation to determine what areas of of your spine are healthy and which areas are not. If you don’t have alignment issues or muscular imbalances you may not need chiropractic care. However, if our assessment shows that chiropractic could improve your situation, we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your health goals.

This is a testimonial of a patient who came to us for wellness care.

I wanted to optimize my health and take positive steps to improve my wellbeing before I reach 50! I heard about Dr Graeme and his willingness to give his patients time and a personal programme – Several friends had told me about improvements in their health after attending his practice. I have attendend regularly and have never felt better! As an asthnmatic for 36 years, I rarely use my inhaler now and I have not had a migraine since becoming a regular user of chiropractic. We have now become a chiropractic family under Dr Graeme’s care; and that’s the whole family – Horses, dogs and cat included!

– K Sinclair

(Dr Graeme has studied animal chiropractic at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic. This is a postgraduate programme open to Veterinarians and Doctors of Chiropractic. All animals may suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems at some time during their life. And like us, they benefit from Chiropractic care!)


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