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Success Story of the Week! Whiplash, Neck and Back Trauma

I had been diagnosed as having rheumatism in my knees and shoulders when I was 17. To combat this debility, I trained religiously to keep my muscles in top form. A traumatic birth weakened my pelvis and lower back. This condition wasn’t helped much when after being involved in a car accident, I developed back and neck pain. A visit to hospital revealed that I had a bone chip splinter in my neck. Nothing could be done to relieve the pain but I was told it would eventually go. Two more whiplash incidents compounded the problem. The pain often turned into stiffness and I had restricted movement, not being able to turn my head fully. This led to occasional ear infections, a continually running nose and severe headaches. At around this time, I became aware that I was clenching my jaw during sleep. It felt like a 20lb hammer on my bottom jaw, which caused severe gum and mouth problems.

I visited my GP informing him of this problem, the numerous ear infections I was having and the debilitating headaches. My vision was also being affected. He assured me there was nothing wrong with my ears. A visit to the dentist revealed that the ear infections had nothing to do with my teeth. The headaches became so bad that I began to lose a lot of weight and my eyes appeared sunken. At one stage, I had a scan to rule out the possibility of a brain tumour. Consequently, I took pain-killers everyday – it was a way of life for me. The constant pain-killer intake had an effect on my digestion, causing stomach upsets.

I’ve been under chiropractic care for five months now and can honestly say I felt an improvement immediately. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my face, neck and shoulders after my first adjustment. My ear infections vanished after the first month and my “rheumatism” is now virtually non-existent. All this means that I don’t depend on pain killers anymore which has eased my stomach complaints. My quality of life has improved no end. I have more energy which came in very useful whilst decorating two houses, caring for my mother and holding down a full time job. With a first grand-daughter in the family being busy is the nature of my life. Now I don’t get as stressed at work, which enables me to be even more efficient! I’ve noticed a marked reduction in the amount of headaches I get and the effects they were having on my vision.

My life has definitely improved under chiropractic care and I encourage others to experience it; so much so that I have introduced my husband, daughter and granddaughter to the experience. It is money well spent!

The pain relief I have experienced enables me to move around much better than before and cope with anything life delivers.

– C Cavanagh

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