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Symptom of the Week: Hip Pain

Your body’s hips take a lot of wear and tear in their job of providing support, stability, and balance. So it isn’t too surprising that hip problems are very common, especially in older adults. Fortunately, many people find relief for their pain through chiropractic care, negating the need for painful and expensive hip replacement surgery.

The hip is a joint in your body; an area where two bones meet is referred to as a joint. Bones are held together at the joints by ligaments, which act like very strong elastic bands. Some joints, such as the hips, move freely when compared to the spine’s limited movement. The hip is a ball and socket joint, which can provide full 360-degree movement. This type of joint works by having the round end of one bone fitting into a cup-like area of another bone. To keep the joints lubricated and moving freely, the body produces synovial fluid, which acts as a kind of oil.

In many cases, cartilage protects the joint, which allows for a smooth movement and acts as a kind of shock absorber whenever pressure, or weight, is put on the joint. If your body failed to create a proper amount of cartilage, your bones can rub against one another resulting in uncomfortable stiffness or pain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Hip pain has many different causes, different symptoms and different methods of treatment. While a chiropractor cannot magically mend a broken or damaged hip, one can certainly help the joint with regaining, and eventually maintaining more flexibility and ease of movement, not to mention alleviate inflammation, piercing pain, and overall discomfort. Conditions such as osteoporosis, tendinitis, and bursitis are known to respond quite well to chiropractic procedures, as do strains and sprains caused by injuries sustained playing sports, falling, or as the result of being in a car accident.

Your Chiropractor will do a full screening to find the route cause of your symptoms and can then recommend the best form of treatment.

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