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Symptom of the Week: Disc Problems

“Nobody should be allowed to have back surgery unless they have seen a chiropractor first.”
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn M.D.

Since spinal discs have a very poor blood supply, they also depend upon the circulation of joint fluids to bring in nutrients and expel waste. If a spinal joint loses its normal motion and this pumping action is impaired, the health of the disc deteriorates. Like a wet sponge, a healthy disc is flexible. A dry sponge is hard, stiff, and can crack easily. This is how many disc problems begin.

Because of the way each disc is attached to the vertebra above and below it, a disc cannot “slip” as commonly thought. However, trauma or injury to the spine can cause discs to bulge, herniate, or worse, rupture. This can be quite painful, putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots, often interfering with their function. This can cause such severe pain that sitting, standing, walking or lifting could be impossible. Other symptoms can include pain when urinating, defecating, sneezing and coughing; numbness or a loss of muscular control may also occur.

The chiropractic approach to disc problems is to help restore better motion and position to spinal joints. Besides reducing disc bulging, better spinal functions helps decrease inflammation so the process of healing the surrounding soft tissues can begin. A proper alignment between the disc, the vertebrae and other structures in the spine is essential for healthy discs and that is why chiropractic has such an excellent record with disc sufferers, often saving them from the bleak prospect of surgery.

Chiropractic spinal care can help prevent your spine from deterioration and your discs from herniation.

Can chiropractic help even if you’ve already had surgery? Yes! Chiropractors can often help relieve the pain and frustration of failed back surgery and may help prevent future operations. Please, before your spine gets worse, have a chiropractic spinal checkup.

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