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Success story of the week!

As a teenager I trained to be a Lifeguard as I enjoyed swimming and it was great for my fitness. At the age of 17 whilst doing the breast stroke I heard a ‘click’ and immediate pain the lower back. As the years progressed my lower back was painful. At the age of 29 I had a fall on the left side of my body whilst on a skiing trip and my hips started to become painful soon after that. I visited my GP who told me that my body was too heavy for my skeleton and would not conduct a scan on my spine or hips. Gradually my heath deteriorated I could not do simple tasks such as shopping for more than 30 minutes. My husband had to leave me on a seat and drive the car to the nearest exit to take me home. My GP prescribed me a high dose of pain killers, after a couple of weeks on these tablets I began to experience severe stomach problems and acid reflux. Myself and my husband enjoy walking so we drove to the Lakes for the weekend as we arrived my hips were very painful I couldn’t walk more than two feet so my husband bought me a stick to able me to walk. I was very upset I didn’t know how or when I was ever going to get better.

A few weeks later I was waking around our local shopping centre and saw a sign for a Chiropractor. I decided to go closer to find out more. It was explained to me how chiropractic could improve my quality of life. I was at the end of my tether so I decided to go along to the office and find out more.

During my first consultation the chiropractor had pointed out the pain which had been in my hips since my skiing accident. Within the first month my pain got easier and easier. As the adjustments went by each time I realised I wasn’t as tired and feeling better in myself and wellbeing. My husband started seeing the changes too; he noticed I wasn’t as ‘grouchy’. I started to feel like my old self again!

I do tell people about Chiropractic. I explain to them that your spinal column is your superhighway for everything. It is very important as it connects your brain to every part of your body. If it is not working properly your body can manifest things. If anyone is at the end of their tether just give it a go you have nothing to lose.

Chiropractic has given me my life back as I remember it. I believe you have to invest in yourself to get something back. I think Chiropractic is worth every penny! I have a goal to get back to swimming; I am sure I can achieve that I because I have achieved so much so far.

– Judith King

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