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Success story of the week!

I had been suffering with crippling neck pain and headaches for over 4 years and I was at the end of my tether. I couldn’t do anything. I was constantly curled up with throbbing headaches. I had difficulty with the washing, ironing and hoovering and if I could get them done, I couldn’t do anything the next day. I was on tons of medication. I couldn’t tell if the headaches were causing the neck problems or the neck problems were causing the headaches but they seemed to be linked.

I had been to the GP but they couldn’t do anything for me except give me more painkillers. I was already taking 8 painkillers every day. More if I could squeeze them in. In the end I thought it was a waste of time. The pain killers didn’t seem to even take the edge off the pain and it certainly wasn’t sorting out the problem. They would make me tired and thirsty – you take so many.

I’d also had problems for 30 years with asthma, allergies and constipation. I knew the painkillers were making the constipation worse. I was having around 2 asthma attacks per month and was using my inhalers pretty regularly. Allergy-wise I have always had problems around dust and animals. I’d also been having dizzy spells a couple of times a month which could last anywhere between ½ hour to 2-3 days.

I was very sceptical about chiropractic care. My mother had wanted me to try it for a number of years but I didn’t go along.
The final straw was when I had been Christmas shopping. It was hell. I was in tears after only an hour and a half in town. Everything was throbbing.

After 6 weeks under care the neck pain and headaches had improved hugely. I was taking less painkillers. My energy levels had increased and I was breathing a lot better. I feel less stressed. Things that tended to stress me before seem easier to deal with.

My husband loves it when I come to the office as I always sleep all night through and my mum has been commenting that I am much less stressed.

I’m off to do my Christmas shopping and I know it would have been impossible to do it this year if I hadn’t been introduced to chiropractic care. As a huge ex-sceptic if you have any doubts about chiropractic care – just give it a try. I wish I had tried it sooner.

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