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Success story of the week!

Ten years ago I was involved in a car accident which give my body a shunt. My posture began to suffer as I was holding my body in different positions just to get respite from the pain. Nine years ago I first started experiencing pain between my shoulders. I couldn’t walk properly my body was in pain most of the time. I visited my GP who requested x-rays which came back negative but an examination showed inflammation in my left shoulder.

As the years went by my sleeping pattern changed, I began to find it difficult to sleep and consequently very lethargic during the day. I started to notice that I was very uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time and my upper arms and my legs would become numb. I ended up going to bed very early in the evening to try and relieve the problem.

I looked up about Chiropractic on the internet and thought it could help me.

Very quickly I started to see improvements, I could walk with no pain, I was no longer on pain killers and my sleep has greatly improved. After around 4-5 sessions the feeling came back into my left leg I can sit at work now all day without “wriggling” around. I feel I can relax in the evening watch telly without being uncomfortable.

My advice to anyone thinking of going to a chiropractor is try it for yourself you have nothing to lose.

(P.S. Don’t leave it 10 years to get checked after a car accident like this patient did!)

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