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Polercise Ltd was the first purpose built pole dance studio in N.Ireland with an interior to suit and cater for, both weekly exercise classes and hens and celebration party's.

It was introduced to Northern Ireland by the managing director El when she opened her first studio back in 2005. El first taught and introduced the art of Pole to the majority of Northern Ireland women now in the business.


Polercise has been featured in many news paper articles, but has also appear on the following TV channels:

GMTV UTV NvTv Sky Plus

What to expect

Polercise is the latest fitness alternative to aerobics, pilaties and the gym with an increasing number of celebrities publicly declaring their addiction to the pole. Artisitc pole dancing lessons improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility, not alone increasing your confidence by developing your sexy sensual side!

The lessons will teach you pole work and sensual movements incorporating cardiovascular strength and flexibility training.


Warm up

All warm ups are structured in the same way:

  • A 10 minute aerobic warm up
  • 5 minute stretching
  • 10 minutes of workout - to build on upper and lower body muscles, all exercises to help with the pole.

The Fun Factor

Classes are fun from beginning to end, but this is were we allow you to have the MOST fun. We move onto our pole tricks and dance routine, and it's optional at this stage to put on your dancing shoes! Some people like to let their inhibitions go, it's your hour, it's totally your choice.


Cooling Off

Time to kick off the shoes again, grab a mat and relax. We finish off the class with a 5-10 Minute cool down.

Classes are not intended for professional training but dedicated to fitness and fun for every women age, shape and size!



Polercise is held every weekday night from 6 to 9, and every Saturday for Practise and Parties. For further details about times, check the page for the venue closest to you.

Polercise also comes with a SERIOUS WARNING! It is a highly addictive sport, and before you know it, you may find yourself trying to show off your skills outside the studio!

practising pole in strange places!


There are a few important things to keep in mind when paying for your chosen class:

  • Classes need to be paid in full before the class starts. This is to ensure your place in the class and to cover insurance costs. There are however a few exceptions:
  • Zumba and Practise classes are pay as you go classes
  • Parties had to pay a deposit, the full amount being paid on the night.
  • You can pay either by Cash in any Polercise studio, or via Paypal on the website. However, when paying via paypal there is a 4% charge
  • If you don't have a Paypal account, you will have to set one up. Don't worry, it doesn't take long!

To pay, go to the venue of your choice, and in the timetable section click on the class you wish to book. This will add the class to your paypal basket. On this page you will also find information and prices on all classes. Alternatively, you can refer to the table below for information and classes. Clicking on any of the classes on each venues timetable will add them to your Paypal basket.

Class Price
Taster Class £15.60
8 Week course Belfast £83.20
8 Week course l'Derry £83.20
8 Week course Banbridge £83.20
8 Week course Omagh £83.20
8 Week course Letterkenny €83.20
8 Week course Dundalk €83.20
8 Week course Coyotys and Kittens £62.40
8 Week course Advanced Conditioning £72.80
One to One Session Per hour £36.40
One to One Session 6 hour discount £187.20
Gift Voucher £20.80
Party Deposit £52


I haven't done a lot of exercise before, can I still do Pole?

Yes! Polercise if open to women of all ages, shape and size. The beginners class starts off light and gradually becomes more difficult. You might be surprised the difference 8 weeks can make!

What do I need to wear / bring?

For beginners wear a gym top, bottoms and trainers, and you should always bring a bottle of water and a towel. Once you move up the levels you will be expected to wear shorts, but this will not be until the middle of Intermediate 2, but you will be told a week in advanced when to bring them.

As an added extra, you can also bring high heels to put on at the end of class and strut your stuff!

How many people are in a class?

Classes always vary, but classes usually vary between 4 - 10 people.

how long does a class last?

Classes usually last an hour, bar Advanced Conditioning, which lasts an hour and half

What happens in the class?

Every class contains:

  • 10-15 mins warm up and stretching
  • 10 mins muscle building
  • 20 mins learning new moves
  • 10 mins learn dance routine
  • 5 mins cool down

Do I have to pay the money for the class in advance? Is there no way I can pay as you go or pay on the day?

Unfortunately no. Polercise has taken Northern Ireland by storm, and the classes are always very packed. Paying in advanced is to secure your space as well as covering all insurance costs. The only expection is Zumba, which is £5 per class.

I've completed beginners, but I don't feel confident in my moves. Will I still be ok to continue to the next level?

It is highly advised against. If you don't feel comfortable with your moves, it is sometimes a good idea to stay back. This doesn't mean repeating the same level though! We have a classed called 'Pole Grooves' for each level. Rather than repeat the same routine, Pole Grooves builds on what you already know and works on strengthening them. It is also cheaper than a normal pole course.

I am male, can I still attend polercise?

Yes and no. As Pole Dancing can be very daunting but also confidence building, we try to keep male and females seperate. Polercise is majority female, however if you are male and have a handful of other male friends (around 4) interested in going, we can arrange an all male class. Parties can be mixed groups.