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I wanted to optimize my health and take positive steps to improve my wellbeing before I reach 50! I heard about Dr Graeme and his willingness to give his patients time and a personal programme – Several friends had told me about improvements in their health after attending his practice. I have attendend regularly and have never felt better! As an asthnmatic for 36 years, I rarely use my inhaler now and I have not had a migraine since becoming a regular user of chiropractic. We have now become a chiropractic family under Dr Graeme’s care; and that’s the whole family – Horses, dogs and cat included!

- K Sinclair

(Dr Graeme has studied animal chiropractic at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic. This is a postgraduate programme open to Veterinarians and Doctors of Chiropractic. All animals may suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems at some time during their life. And like us, they benefit from Chiropractic care!)

After seeing an ad in the paper I thought I’d give chiropractic a go to get rid of my pain. I’ve been attending the clinic now for eight weeks and my results have been really good so far.

I suffered with pain for twelve years and now I have hardly any! I’m able to walk more and I’ve learned a lot about my body and how to look after myself better.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others! It is so much better than going to your GP all the time and getting painkillers.

- M McClean

Following a recent visit from Carrick Chiropractic in my workplace, I decided to make an appointment, as I had been suffering from low back pain.

I have been receiving care now for almost six weeks, and already feel the benefit of chiropractic treatment. My back is much better but more importantly I feel better in general.

I had always suffered with pins & needles in my hands which have now gone. My headaches have also gone, and I’m now sleeping better too! I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others, as I feel so much better than I have done for a long time.

- A Pinkerton

I am a pensioner from Newtownabbey, I have had back pain and sciatica for about a year. I read about Carrick Chiropractic in the Belfast Telegraph and was interested in the advertisement. I had a consultation, and after two weeks of treatment including a digital scan of the spine, I am delighted that the extreme pain I felt every morning has diminished greatly. The staff are friendly and helpful and all treatments are carefully explained adn achieved with no discomfort. I highly recommend Carrick Chiropractic.

- M Jellie

I had been suffering from a number of small niggles which I had put up with for a number of years. However, I was noticing more and more numbness and pins and needles in my hands and when it started to wake me up during the night I felt I needed to do something about it.

Having received chiropractic care about 15 years ago, which cured me of a frozen shoulder and a stiff neck, I knew I needed to go to a chiropractor. I chose Carrick Chiropractic mainly because it fitted in with my hectic work and social lives. Being open in the evening is perfect for me and now that I’ve got to know the staff I’m so glad I chose to come to Carrick Chiropractic. I have been relieved of much of the pain and niggles I had before and it has given me so much energy. Some evenings I almost had to drag myself in off the sofa but now I always leave with a spring in my step.

I’ve been receiving treatment for about five months now and I feel much improved. My teenage son recently hurt his back and treatment from Carrick Chiropractic has helped him through this and identified he has a small amount of twisting in his spine, which is now being monitored and treated. This would likely have remained undiagnosed if he hadn’t been seen by a chiropractor. I can’t recommend Carrick Chiropractic highly enough.

V Smyth

I first came to the practice because I was having trouble with my lower back and had a couple of episodes of sciatica. I discovered that I had quite a few areas 'out of line' through a scan and over a period of time these have definitely improved. I now attend once every 4 weeks to keep things in shape. If I have any problems I can also call in for added help which is great! I would highly recommend chiropractic to others and indeed have already :) The staff are really friendly and welcoming big thumbs up from me!!!

- Anne Liddle

I first started going to this Chiropractic Clinic about a year and a half ago. I was stressed in my job, grinding and clenching my jaw (causing head and neck aches). I remember feeling quite nervous when I first phoned but I was instantly reassured by Zoe, who explained exactly how the treatments worked. After the first 3 weeks of treatment I noticed I was sleeping better, my energy levels increased and my mood improved. Gradually, my stress levels have evened out and I feel very much back in control of my health. I would recommend Carrick Chiropractic to anyone who wants to take care of their body naturally for overall health. Incidentally, since taking the organic fish oil I've not so much as had a sniffle! Huge thanks to the team!

- Alex

I first went to see Carrick Chiropractic about my shoulder and to see if I could get any relief from something I had come to accept as an old injury and had been putting off for years as the usual pain killers and previous attempts to improve it through conventional treatment had not been successful. I initially had a scan and an interview and was listened to about any problems I have or had previously and after my first scan it was plain to see where my problem areas where in the spine. I was happy after my first adjustments because even though I attended primarily for my shoulder I learned a bit more than I expected and the proof was after a few adjustments I could feel relief from other pains in my neck and back that I was not even aware of. After only 12 visits I was rescanned and I was able to see from the first and second scan the improvements to all areas and the most satisfying part of the treatment is feeling the benefit for yourself. I have increased strength in my shoulder and after alignment was achieved I was introduced to exercises to support the joint and build up muscle to help the body heal. I noticed during my treatment that it is necessary to increase water intake and pay attention to in my case, stress levels and the physical way I deal with it from posture to tension. Knowing what and how to do it helps give back control and goals to work to and is well worth the effort when it comes to personal health so I would recommend anyone else with similar problems to give it a try. The staff are friendly and listen on every visit and offer a wealth of advice should you need it.

- Richard McCaughran

I started going to Carrick Chiropractic a number of years ago. I first came across them giving free consultations in the Abbey Centre. I'm a software developer and therefore spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer screen. I had started to notice how stiff my neck was and that I had less movement when looking behind me when driving. Also at times my back could get sore both at the top around the shoulder area and at the base of my back. I had previously went to a physiotherapist which helped loosen out the muscles for a while. But I soon found that the issues would return not long after treatment had stopped. I was a bit dubious if chiropractic treatment would work as I’m sure many are. In the consultation, things they noticed and told me made sense so I decided to give it a go and thought what have I got to loose?! I’m so glad I did. The movement in my neck increased greatly, my back pain got better and also I noticed that I was getting less headaches. Hadn’t really noticed up until then that I was actually getting quite a lot until they were gone. I still go to Carrick Chiropractic for an adjustment at least once a month. I do this not because the treatment didn’t work, but because we all get our little bumps now and again, I’m still sitting at a desk all day and no matter how many times you’re told and know how you should sit and how important posture is, you don’t do it all the time. As for the staff, I’ve always found them extremely helpful and informative. You can tell that they are really concerned with you as a person. If you are having issues I’d definitely recommend getting treatment. Also get it sooner rather than later. It really has made such a difference to me.

- L. Robinson